Tips Mendidik Anak Oleh Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj

Malam ni saya singgah di blog Dr Harlina Siraj dan terbaca satu artikel yang sangat menarik di mana beliau berkongsi 50 tips untuk mendidik anak.

Antara tips yang dikongsikan adalah,

Tip no.1 – Strive to be the best role model to your children. Make them proud of you first before you can expect them to make you proud.

How about asking this question to your adolescent kids today : ` Have I ever made you proud, son/daughter?’

Reflect on the answer, if you’re gonna get one.


Tips-tips dari beliau sangat sesuai dengan ibu bapa di zaman teknologi ni.

Tips seterusnya..

Tip no.2 – Display your commitment, affection and love for each other (as parents & couple) for your children to see.

Put on your best smiles the moment you step into the house, no matter how bad things are at work.

Make your home as the sanctuary & heaven on earth for the kids. Keep it warm & cozy with your prayers and unconditional love for everyone.


Untuk baca kesemua tips, sila klik link ni..

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