What Have You Achieved In The Last 3 Years?

Today I watched videos of my small family back in 2007. It was shocking to realize that time flew so fast. My baby boy is already in kindergarden and my toddler boy is already in Standard 1.

I then started to ponder what have I achieved in the last 3 years. Even though there are times when I felt like a loser, but i guess I’ve accomplished a lot of things and I’m proud of myself.

Among my achievements are:

1. I finished my Masters Degree.

2. I finally got my driving license after 10 years of driving illegally (Please don’t try this at home!).

3. I’m pregnant with another baby (it may not sound like an achievement to you, but it is for me!)

4. I was promoted to Mutual Fund Agency Supervisor and qualified for Incentive Trip to China in 2009.

5. I get monthly Career Benefit from Public Mutual even if I didn’t do any sale. This is my residual income that I will earn as long as I am a Unit Trust Consultant. Even though the amount isn’t that big yet, but it will keep on increasing and I hope I will have financial freedom in another 3 years.

6. From my involvement in unit trust industry, I’ve made lots of new friends from different background and make my life more meaningful.

7. From doing my Masters Degree, I have found a couple of best friends that I want to keep for life.

8. I gained experience, knowledge and ability to make money and support myself with/without a full time job. Even though now I am applying to become a lecturer, it is because I want to and not because I need to. That’s the freedom I’ve been looking for and I guess I’ve found it..

9. I celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary last year and as I see it, our relationship is getting stronger.

10. I became a better Muslimah.

11. I have better relationship with my family.

That’s all I can think of as for now.

Moral of the story : Be grateful with what you have and you will live happily ever after..

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