Offer Letter From UTM For PhD Admission

Today I got an offer letter from UTM to do PhD. I guess UTM send this offer letter to all it’s postgraduate students. But since I just made my mind to take up PhD recently, I can’t help feeling like it was destined to be this way. Haha.. very cliche..

I plan to meet Dr Kamariah by next week and settle everything before 31 March 2010 because that is the dateline if I want to start my PhD in June 2010.

Below are the tasks that I plan to settle last week but being preggy and not feeling very well, I just manage to get my certificates photocopied and verified. So my to do list for this coming Monday is:

1. Post application to UMP

2. Post application to UNITEN

3. Post application to UniMAP

4. Meet Dr Kamariah to discuss my research proposal (depends on her schedule)

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