If your CGPA is low, you should read this!

I was feeling so low yesterday about the whole CGPA thing so I started googling for hours to find out if there are other people who’s facing the same problem like mine. After hopping from blog to blog, forum to forum and even some related pdf document, I come to the conclusion that first degree CGPA is not something ┬áthat you should be worried about if you already have your Masters Degree.

This is because there are quite a number of lecturers who scored <3.00 in their First Degree but still managed to become an academician by getting very good results in their Masters Degree and perform very well during interviews.

Since my Masters Degree pointer can be considered very good (for me, lah!) I really hope the IPTAs that received my application will call me for an interview because I believe I can perform well during interviews.

The other day I read a very good quote. Here it goes “Good judgement comes from bad decision. Bad decision comes from bad judgement.” In other words “Good judgement comes from bad judgement!”

So for those of you who feels like you are suffering from mistakes done in your younger years, make peace with your decision because eventually it will help you to have better judgement and make better decision.

As for my case, after deep soul searching and self talk, I feel so much better and somewhat grateful for getting less than 3.0 for my first degree. This is because:

a. It has cause me hardship in getting jobs after i graduate thus forcing myself to improve my soft skills and work very hard to prove that I actually can get any job done.

b. It caused me to travel “the road less travelled” which are involving in food business, MLM, direct selling, internet marketing and what not thus making myself stronger, smarter and so confident that I believe I can be anything once I set my mind on getting it.

c. It makes me more compassionate towards unsuccessful people and do not simply judge them for their mistakes.

d. It surely makes me a more humble person.

Ok, that’s it for our motivation talk for today. Stay tune for more. Hehe..

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