Have You Updated Your Resume?

This morning I woke up at 5am with bursting ideas on improving my resume. Since I was never employed as a teacher/lecturer so I didn’t put any teaching experience in my resume before. Instead I just put in my experience as a Unit Trust Consultant and Test Engineers which is not closely related to the position that I am applying for.

But I suddenly realized that I also can use the experience gained from my private tutoring classes, tuition classes, Iqra’ classes and also my experience as a guest speaker for product knowledge and business opportunity presentations for a few businesses that I joined in the past.

Since there is another 3 application that I’ve yet to submit and plan to submit by next week, I do hope this new and updated resume help me to sell myself to my prospect employer.

Last time when I was a Test Engineer I was privileged to interview Assistant Engineer & Technicians for my project so I have access to view their resumes. It’s sad to see that most of the resumes only focus on contact details, qualifications, job experience ( job title, employment duration, last drawn salary and etc) which was written in poor english.

If you are looking for a job, do remember that your prospect employer cannot read between the lines of your one page resume to identify what kind of person you are and what kind of contribution that you can give to the company.

So, your resume need to be more specific and you need to highlight the strengths/skills that you have. In other word, you have to sell yourself because no one will do it for you.

In the working experience section, please do not just put your job title, employment duration and last drawn salary. Instead you must elaborate (read : exaggerate) more on your responsibilities, course attended, experience gained, personal achievement and a very good reason for leaving the job.

Actually I would love to elaborate more on other areas but I’ll save it for my later posts.

ForĀ job seekersĀ out there, I do hope these tips will help you improvise your resume and help you get your dream job.

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