Advices From My Beloved Lecturers

Last week I have called a few lecturers during my Masters Degree to get their advice on how to increase my chances of becoming an Entrepreneurship lecturer since my Masters Degree (MSc. Information Technology Entrepreneurship) and Bachelors Degree (BEng. Electrical – Instrumentation & Control) is in two different field and the fact that the CGPA for my Bachelors Degree is less than 3 pointer.

After doing some research as explained in my previous post, I know that this issue is very subjective and should not deterred my intention of becoming an academician. But then, I do need to listen to the experts..

Thinking back I wasn’t close to any lecturer during my undergraduate years in Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik, UTM. But during my Masters Degree, I was close and have a very good relationship with most of my lecturers. Maybe because I have matured and do not distance myself from them.

Among my favourites lecturers are En Ismail Bin Abd Rahman, Dr Hassan Mohd Ali and En Ahmad Zaidi from Fakulti Pengurusan & Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (FPPSM) and also PM Safie Mat Yatim from Fakulti Sains Komputer & Sistem Maklumat (FSKSM).

After talking to each and every one of them, the conclusions are:

1. The CGPA for my Degree is the least thing I should worry about since it is not a requirement to become a lecturer for some of the IPTs except for established universities. Luckily for me, I wasn’t interested to become a part of these established IPTs because of their location (mostly in Klang Valley).

Even though it will be nice to work in UTM and my lecturers surely can support/backup my application, it is quite impossible. This is because the objective of my Masters Degree programme is to produce a Technopreneur and not an academician.

That’s why none of the graduates from my course is working in UTM. In fact, one of my colleagues was brainwashed by the Dean when he applied to become an academician in UTM. Luckily for him, now he is a lecturer in UMK and is preparing to do his PhD overseas.

2. I will stand a better chance to become lecturer in new IPTA that has Faculty of Entrepreneurship such as UniMap, UMK, UTeM and UMS. In fact, in these IPTs the career growth will be much better since they are new and most of the lecturers are young. So, I don’t have to fight with many seniors for promotion etc..

3. I could also apply to become lecturers in IPTS since their requirements are much lower. From there, I can get the experience and will have an added advantage when applying for IPTA later.

4. They will always support me and are willing to become my references in my job application.

5. I also have the option to do PhD.  Since all IPTs want to increase the amount of lecturers with PhD, this will make myself more marketable during and after I finish my PhD.

Being a good student, I follow all their advices. The first thing I did is to find out which IPT needs a lecturer in Entrepreneurship / Technopreneurship because this is my major for Masters Degree and the field that I’m very interested in.

Then I prepared all the documents needed and update my resume accordingly.

After that I contacted Dr Kamariah which is the HOD for Entrepreneurship Department in FPPSM to make an appointment to know more about PhD.

That’s all for today. Stay tune for updates on my journey to become an academician..

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