Sekarang pukul 3:33 pagi dan saya sangat happy!!!!

Saya baru lepas baca buku Andrew Matthews bertajuk How Life Works dan saya rasa nak ketuk diri sendiri sebab kenapalah baru baca buku ni padahal dah lama kot beli. Hehehe..

Pagi tadi (pagi semalam la sepatutnya kan) saya buat meeting dengan team members. Saya share apa perasaan saya. Saya share apa rancangan saya. Apa impian saya. Apa ketakutan saya. Apa kerisauan saya. Dan lepas tu I felt so much better.

I know that they really want to help me and I can sense that they really love working with me.

And basically they want to help me to accomplish all my dreams and we believe thats its gonna be fantastic.

Then after reading the book, I feel so much joy and so much relief because I understand that I create whatever challenge I am facing and I need to change my thinking and change my action.

I notice that I have problem in prioritising payments to the suppliers. I tend to be bias and not very rational in planning the payment.

With more things to buy and more suppliers to pay, my poor judgement is making me more stressful and distracted.

So starting tomorrow I will delegate this task to my genius accountant. Yeayyy!!!

Yesterday also a great day because I met someone that can supply us something that I badly need.

Okay bye. I have to get some sleep because I have 4 appointments tomorrow and I believe tomorrows gonna be another great day. Wohooo!!

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