The Story of A Successful Home Tuition Teacher

This morning, my eldest sister, Kak Long called me around 7am and asked me to join her for breakfast. Even though I was feeling so sleepy since the night before I slept at almost 4am, I thought it would a good idea since I don’t have any plan for the day. And since she is also a good advisor, I also can ask for her opinion regarding my career and study plan.

She came pick me up around 9 and first we went to Pasar Taman Universiti. She ate Fried Mee Hoon and I had Soto. After that we went to MPH at Jusco Tmn U because she wanted to buy some books.

As I mentioned in my previous posts about home tuition, my sister can be considered as a successful home tuition teacher because she earns more than RM4000 per month and can afford to buy Toyota Wish with her income as a home tuition teacher.

In fact she told me that she has to decline a lot of job offer because she only want to teach in the afternoon and some nights and don’t want to teach in the morning to spend quality time with her youngest child. Isn’t it great?

For me, this is a very good example of a resourceful home maker. Even though she was never employed as a teacher before but she uses her experience of teaching her kids and my younger siblings as a tool to sell her services. And boy, she was good at it!

In fact, now she helps my other siblings by giving them teaching job opportunities for extra income. In fact, she also offered some jobs for me but I have to refuse since my health condition is not very good.

I hope this post can be an inspiration for those of you who have the passion in teaching but doesn’t have the opportunity to do so. Instead of looking for job, promote yourself and let the job come looking for you..

5 thoughts on “The Story of A Successful Home Tuition Teacher

  1. faida

    i really envy her! being wahm is definitely one of the things i would love to achieve eventually.

    she's been a home tuition teacher since bila ye? i mean, had she ever worked somewhere else before?

  2. admin Post author

    Hahaha.. she must be really happy if I told her this!

    She become home tuition teacher since July 2009. Quite new, huh?

    Actually my sister has a degree in QS and used to work before but not for long (around 1-2 years) back in 2004. Besides that, she is just a SAHM that spends most of her time teaching her kids and my siblings.

    I'm happy to see her so successful..

  3. Lian of Tuition Agen

    Wow! That is so amazing. Reading this article inspires me to become a home tutor. I don't have a background in teaching but I really want to coach kids with their assignments. Aside from earning, I just love to be with kids. Right now, I'm practicing to become one and I hope to become successful too like your sister 🙂

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