First Day of Blogging in English

This will be my first attempt to blog in English language. In case some of you are wondering why, it is because I’m trying to¬†achieve something (let’s just keep it a secret for now).

Being a typical Malay, I can understand English perfectly, but when it comes to writing and talking, I just need more time to think before I can come up with full sentence.

I’m sure the problem is because I’m not speaking the language at all during my everyday life.

Thinking back, when I was working as an Engineer, my spoken English was quite good. But when I stopped working and further study in UTM (and doing unit trust business at the same time), I mostly mingle with Malay friends/clients and I kinda stopped speaking English.

I guess this is it for my first post. Hope this will be a fresh start for year 2010.

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