To Do List

These past few days I wasn’t feeling very well and I still haven’t completed the task I intended to settle on Monday. So I am writing this post to remind myself to settle everything ASAP.

My to do list for this week :

a. Post application to UiTM Shah Alam – Done! (3/3/10)

b. Post application to UMK – Done! (3/3/10)

c. Post application to UniMap

d. Email application to MUST – Done! (3/3/10)

e. Update resume in to apply for Olympia College.

f. Call and meet Dr Rohana to discuss about my PhD project.

g. Post application to UiTM Pahang – Done! (3/3/10)

h. Post applicaation to MMU.

i. Contact UBN to know more about any job opening.

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