My First Step To Become A Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Why do I want to be a lecturer in entrepreneurship when I have the best job as a Unit Trust Consultant?

After completing my Masters Degree in April last year, the thought of becoming an academician never crossed my mind because I plan to focus on my unit trust career and become Agency Manager by the end of 2009.

At that time both my husband’s and my family keep asking me whether I have started looking for job and it really annoyed me. I felt like they are not respecting my decision and as if they are underestimating myself.

After I got pregnant in early August, my health deteriorates badly and my income has fallen drastically from month to month. But still, I said to myself that this is just a temporary situation and I can get back to work after my baby is born. Since I already involved in the industry for almost 3 years, I know the drills of the industry and I believe that I can bounce back and be more successful when I set my mind on it.

My perspective changed after I had a brief encounter with En Ismail (my former Masters supervisor and also a Public Mutual Unit Trust Consultant) at Public Mutual branch a few weeks ago and he encouraged me to become an academician. When I told him that I want to focus on the business, he told me that being an academician is a very noble job that comes with good income, self satisfaction and the ability to help others.

He also stressed that it is possible to be an academician and a successful unit trust consultant. Hearing this from someone who is successful in the industry (he is the Top Recruiter for Johor Bahru Branch in 2008) made me pause and think.

Thinking back, I always enjoy motivating and inspiring my friends and family members who wants to involve in business and become an entrepreneur. And since my Masters Degree is in Information Technology Entrepreneurship, I could be a lecturer in Entrepreneurship which is something that I’m very passionate about.

I also love the idea of sharing business ideas and inspiring students to become an entrepreneur so that they do not solely focus on getting employment but also know that they can choose to become an entrepreneur and provide employment to others.

Even though I can see the potential of the unit trust industry and has tasted the wonderful life of a Unit Trust Consultant, I am so excited to become an Entrepreneurship lecturer to share my knowledge and inspire others.

As of today, I have submitted my application to a few IPTs that has Faculty of Entrepreneurship and are hoping to hear good news from them. Usually it takes 3-6 months for these IPTs to process the application and I will know the result by end of the year.

Honestly I can’t wait for the results and really hope I was called for an interview and accepted. But still I believe that Allah knows better and I just accept whatever in store for me in the future.

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