I Made Up My Mind!

In my previous post, I mentioned that last week I had sought advice from my lecturers and have followed all their advices including meeting with Dr Kamariah to know more about PhD.

This week I have spent hours after hours googling to find out my chances of becoming a lecturer with Masters Degree and Bachelors Degree from different field and the fact that my Bachelors Degree’s CGPA is less than 3 pointer. I even call a few Head of Departments and Deans to get their perspective on this issue.

The conclusion is, I maybe lucky and could get a job as an Entrepreneurship lecturer since Entrepreneurship Course is still quite new in Malaysia and there are not many lecturers in this area. So, some of the IPTs might be interested in a candidate that has Masters in Entrepreneurship even though his Degree is in totally different field.

But on the other hand, I may not get the job because some of the HOD is afraid that I can only teach limited subject in Entrepreneurship and cannot teach related subject such as Marketing, Business, Management and etc since I don’t have enough academic exposure in these areas.

Due to this, they advice me to consider taking up PhD in Entrepreneurship. This way, I will stand a better chance because in order to get my PhD I will do a lot of research that will eventually help me to master other areas related to entrepreneurship. So, later on I can teach more subjects and supervise undergraduates from related scope as well.

After discussing this issue with my dear husband, my father and my sister who are all very supportive and really encourage me to join the academic line, I made up my mind to pursue my PhD as soon as possible (which is in June 2010).

Even though I’m also actively looking and applying for lecturer’s position, I don’t want to waste my time hoping and waiting for my luck. This is because most IPTs will take 3-6 months to review my applications and I will only know the results by end of 2010.

I’m making this decision because I don’t want to solely rely on my luck and become more proactive in pursuing my dream.

In case I got any job offer before starting my PhD, I take it as a sign from Allah for me to postpone my studies. As of now, I am surrendering myself to Allah’s fate and just take whatever He plans for me because I believe that His plan is the best.

In order to support myself during my study, I will apply for Skim Latihan Akademik Bumiputera (SLAB). And since SLAB requires the candidate to send in the research proposal and offer letter from university, I plan to settle everything before April.

In fact, even if I don’t get any scholarship for my PhD, I will still carry on and support myself  with my Unit Trust business like I did during my Masters Degree.

From what I’ve read the PhD journey can be very tough, but after going through a lot of ‘bad experiences’ and full support from my beloved hubby and my family, I believe I have the courage to face anything life has to offer.

Starting today, I will start working on my research proposal and paperwork to start my PhD.

Special message to my beloved husband : Thank you for your support in all my business activities and whatever decision I made regarding my career with all it’s ups and downs. I really love you for that. Do know that I appreciate your patience and your faith in me and I’ll do my best to make you proud.

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