Malam ni saya baca salah satu blog kegemaran saya iaitu http://darrenhardy.success.com.

Terpukul sangat dengan artikel ni.. http://darrenhardy.success.com/2010/06/nothing-more-pitiful/


Nak kena buat sesuatu ni.. Ninoninonino… (bunyi siren polis)

Antara kata-kata yang membuat saya terpukul sangat..

If you are in the business of attracting, influencing, selling or leading others, how you show up, your physical appearance, speaks volumes about who you are, how you are and what you are or not capable of.

I know, people shouldn’t judge you, right? Well, here is a clue… they do!

Whether you like it or not, people make judgments and draw conclusions about you in the first 10-15 seconds they meet you, based solely on how you look. Like it or not, how you show up on the outside says a lot about you on the inside. Our body advertises our personal development. All the habits, behaviors, choices, disciplines (or lack there of) are made physical (literally) in your physique.


InsyaAllah saya akan berusaha untuk memperbaiki penampilan saya.

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