Stupid Fedex!

Today i will write in English so that a lot more people know who screwed up Fedex is.

I shipped a parcel last week on 21st January and I suppose to get my parcel on 23rd. But until today I still dont get my parcel.

I already called 4-5 times and some of the people called customer service officer either want to keep the conversation short (as if they are paying my telephone bills) or promise to call me back after 10 minutes but never called. They are also those who answer my call nicely, promise to deliver my parcel soon but at the end of one WEEK i still dont receive my parcel.

I even wonder whether i am calling a courier company. Because from what i understand courier company deliver goods overnight or at least in 2 days.

This is the screenshot of the tracking status..


I am totally pissed off and I won’t give any business to Fedex anymore.

Btw, I just talked to one of the Customer Service guy, ask the current location of my parcel and tomorrow I am going to pickup the parcel myself. Otherwise i might have to wait another week.

And yeah, if you ask me, I wont endorse nor encourage you guys to use Fedex because their service is totally screwed up!

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