Penyelesaian Untuk Pembelian/Pembayaran Secara Online yang Selamat

Penipuan Internet mengakibatkan mangsa kerugian berjuta-juta USD setiap tahun. Lindungi diri anda dengan! melindungi kedua-dua pembeli dan penjual dengan 5 langkah yang mudah.

How does it work?

  1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms
    Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the merchandise, sale price, number of days for the Buyer’s inspection, and any shipping information.
  2. Buyer Pays
    The Buyer submits an available payment option. verifies the payment. Processing time varies by payment method.
  3. Seller Ships Merchandise
    Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to ship merchandise and submit tracking information. verifies that the Buyer receives the shipment.
  4. Buyer Accepts the Merchandise
    The Buyer has a set number of days for an inspection and the option to accept or reject the merchandise. For more information, FAQs – Return Questions.
  5. Pays the Seller pays the Seller by the method selected by the Seller. The transaction is complete.

What are the benefits?, an accredited escrow company, acts as a secure third party to protect the Buyer and Seller.

How Buyers are protected:

  • tracks the shipped merchandise and verifies it was delivered.
  • The Seller isn’t paid until the Buyer accepts the merchandise, or the inspection period expires.

How Sellers are protected:

  • confirms when the Buyer receives merchandise.
  • The Seller is authorized to ship only after verifies good funds.

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